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“Pick out associates whose behaviour is better than yours and you’ll drift in that direction.”

Warren Buffet

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Why Tavistock Asset Management?

Creating wealth isn’t easy. If it were, all clients would be millionaires.  

Knowing how to tend your client investment gives it the best chance to grow – but we all know that doesn’t happen overnight. The aim is for our Portfolios to grow into a sturdy and lasting shelter from the toughest storms and help clients drift towards a better place.

Latest News:

Should I stick or twist in a volatile market?

Should I stick or twist in a volatile market?

We are dealing with a lot at the minute; an international war, extreme market volatility, an ever-changing government and a mental health crisis. The current economic outlook is causing even the most experienced investors to re-evaluate things. A question we are often asked is what should I do? Do I sell up now and move to cash? Especially with interest rates on the rise?

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With the Bank of England announcing the biggest interest rate hike in 27 years and forecasting that Britain will enter a year-long recession with inflation topping 13%, you could be forgiven for feeling a little gloomy about things. Granted, the picture that was painted at the last Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) meeting isn’t a pretty one.

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Back in November 2020 I wrote a blog, Nothing Is More Powerful Than An Idea Whose Time Has Come, in which I made the case for a Great Rotation across equity markets where the prior winners, growth stocks, would give way to value stocks which would outperform going forward.

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What we learn from history…

What we learn from history…

Market crashes and economic downturns are a part of life. Market calamity can occur seemingly out of nowhere and whether it be a dotcom bubble, a financial crisis, Brexit or Covid-19, we can never predict the full impact of a new market crash. We can however forecast that its effect on the markets, and the wider economy, will ultimately be temporary.

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In late February, following the invasion of Ukraine and subsequent market sell off, I wrote a blog (Commentary & Positioning) outlining Tavistock Asset Management’s thoughts. Three months on, financial markets have continued to come under pressure and have weakened further.

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I want to begin this blog by firstly taking time to explain why foreign exchange is an important part of portfolio composition and why as investors you should be paying close attention to currency exposure, as it could be driving or eroding your investment returns.

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Target top quartile performance, whilst only ever subjecting clients to the appropriate level of risk. Providing your clients with stable risk and stable returns whilst avoiding any nasty surprises.


Complete portfolio service removing administration, compliance and investment management burdens. Designed to lower your costs and increase your profits. 


All of the above with your name above the door. Take advantage of our white-labelled model portfolio service and transform your business into a modern-day wealth manager.

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